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Multi Millets Upma Mix - Pack of 2 (Total 800g - each 400g)

Multi Millets Upma Mix - Pack of 2 (Total 800g - each 400g)

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Millex Multi Millets Upma Mix

Millet is a great source of protein, fiber, essential vitamins, and minerals. Including millets as part of your daily diet will:

  • Keep cardiovascular health in check.
  • Prevent onset of diabetes.
  • Maintain a healthy weight.
  • Ragi boosts immunity, skin and hair health.
  • Manage inflammation in the gut.

Moreover, eating multi-millets upma gives you a healthy amount of protein, which helps to preserve muscle mass and improves body metabolism. The Multi Millets Upma Mis is wonderful choice to feed your family with a scrumptious breakfast. You can be at your creative best by adding peas, lentils, nuts, broccoli and baby corn to give your upma a heavenly taste!

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Product Usage Instructions:


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  • Step 1: Add 1 measure upma mix to 3 measures of boiling water in a pan.
  • Step 2: Add Boiled vegetables of your choice (carrot, beans, onion, coriander, green peas etc…)
  • Step 3: Cook the mix in a pan for 10-12 minutes on medium-high flame. Serve Hot.


Proso Millet, Kudo Millet, Little Millet, Foxtail Millet, Semolina, Edible Oil, Cumin Seeds, Bengal Gram Dal, Cashew Nut, Salt, Curry Leaves, Raising Agents (INS 500 ii), Citric Acid, Mustard, Green Chilli, Ginger.

Benefits of Using Multi Millets Upma Mix

Shields Against Harmful Blue Light

Improves Digestive Health

Shields Against Harmful Blue Light

Reduces Constipation

Shields Against Harmful Blue Light

Super Delicious

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