Our Story:

The story of Millex started with a twist. The twist was the need to find preservative free, additive free, and artificial flavor-free baby food. As parents, we were crying from deep within to feed our baby with what is absolutely healthy and safe.

The market was flooded with baby food that is mixed with all sorts of attractive ingredients and fancy names that were far from healthy and safe. That’s when we decided to write our own story. That’s when we decided to write our own destiny. That’s when we decided to turn things around.

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The need to feed the baby with nutritious and protein-rich baby food gave birth to the idea of Millex. It all started as a personal experiment. The very first product was prepared with a few natural ingredients like grains, dry fruits, etc., ground at home and given as an alternative baby food.

Days and months later, this baby food was developed into much more nutritious food, with many more ingredients added. This new and developed product was given to relatives and friends those having infants for trial. They just loved it and asked for more.

Parallelly started working towards Nutritious food for adults as well, there comes the idea of Millex with Millets and other important grains, nuts, spices, and Ayurvedic herbs.

Today, the need to feed the world with nutritious food has become the talk of the world. Thanks to refined foods, fast foods, and foods that have flooded the supermarkets with little nutrition.

Millex was born to fulfill this need to feed the world, starting with India, in Kammardi, a small village in Karnataka. Millex was born to give life to nutritious eating habits, with a mix of Ayurvedic tradition and modern technology. In fact, Millex is a mix of health and happiness. Not just that, Millex is a mix of the world’s desire to eat healthy and live happy.

Unlike many health mixes that are available in the market today, Millex boasts of uniqueness and blend that is unmatched. That’s what makes Millex a powerful health mix that is poised to take on the responsibility of feeding the world what it has to eat!