Indigenous foods for the Indian in you!

Millets have been Indiaโ€™s staple diet, the go-to diet, the most safe diet from time immemorial. Yet, the humble millets were crushed and brushed aside by western conglomerates who dreamt of feeding the world with junk, just for profit. But, all that is beginning to change at the speed of light. Thanks to the Government of Indiaโ€™s special initiatives and keen interest. Millets are rich in Fibre, B Vitamin, Minerals like Iron, Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, Zinc, and are also gluten-free and have low-GI (Glycaemic index). This is why, millets are suitable for people with allergies or intolerance of wheat. Millets are excellent for people with Diabetes, Obesity, BP, Arthritis, and other lifestyle health disorders that have become very common.

After years of careful research, meticulous planning, and with a precise mission and vision. The mission is to make this small-seeded grains that are very high in nutrition become the natural choice for food among the rural and urban India. Millex jumped onto the bandwagon to offer three categories of millets-based Food products.

  1. Millex Churnam - Healthy Millet Mix with Churna for Adults
  2. Millex Mother Root for Infants
  3. Millex Healthy Millet Mix for All age group